Hula Hoop’in day at the Library

Our Summer Reading program is in full swing. This past Wednesday was our 2nd Summer Reading Event and we learned about the benefits of Hula Hooping. One minute of Hula Hooping burns 7 Calories and it helps work your core muscles. We also did an activity as a group where you send a hula hoop around a circle with out breaking hands. And the kids even did it with 2 hoops!!!

We had a few kids that tried to hoop 5 Hula Hoops at once. The world record is 105 hula hoops at the same time. They did pretty good. This next week we will be talking about bicycles.

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Have you seen our ball-Week 2


Our ball has traveled through the night and is in it’s 2nd home. Remember if you find the ball to come into the library to get a treat.

Thank you to our Board Member Helen for the use of her yard for week one.  We hope you have having fun trying to find our ball.

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The Library’s ball has been hidden in it’s first place. It can be seen from the street. Once you have found it come into the library on either Wednesday or Saturday and get a treat or prize. Good luck!!!

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Have you seen our Library Ball???

Have you seen our ball???

All summer, look around Wilsey and see if you can find the Library’s ball hiding around town. You can find hints our Libraries Facebook Page and Website. Let’s have a ball!!!


Rules for where is the Libraries Ball

1.Please do not move the ball once you have found it.

2.Do not pick up, kick or bounce the ball

3.Come into the Library on either Wednesday or Saturday’s and whisper to the Librarian the location of the ball and you will get a treat

4.The ball will be in Wilsey City Limits

5.If you see someone playing with the ball please ask them to not and let them know what it is for

6.Have fun, it is not a competition

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Dear Crafter’s

Hello to all of my Crafter’s and Pintrest junkies. If you have been looking for old books to do crafts with then come in and see me. I’ve been working on doing some weeding and have come across several books that are ready to be upcycled. Currently I have a few saved back for things I would like to due here at the library, but we have several. Also I have the Re-purposing kit from NCKLS if you are wanting to do a craft but need ideas.

Wish me luck, I am trying to make some roses out of old book pages.

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Wanting your Help

Asking our patrons to take just a few minutes to fill out a survey. This is so we can see how we can best serve our patrons. Thank you for your help. Just copy and paste the link below.

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New Books have Arrived in our Library

We have new books in the Library. The William Allen White list has come out and we now have the 2016-2017 books that we have on display in the Junior’s/Teen Section. Out of the 22 books on the list we have 15 of them.

0416161345aWe also got in several new Adult Fiction books, 3 of them are Large Print,  and One Non-Fiction book. Hope to see you come in this week to the Library.

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Planning has begun

As March comes to an end and April only a couple of days away, thought it would be a good time to let you all know I have started the planning of the Summer Reading Program. This year it is all about Being Active and Health. I am currently working on dates, times, and activities for us to do. If you think you would like to volunteer to help, please contact me at My hope is that in a few weeks to have a list of actives and have times in stone. I am very excited with this being my first year as Director and getting to do the Summer Reading Program and hope that your kids are getting excited too.

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Fun Time

Thank you to all who came out for our Dr. Seuss Birthday Event. We hope you had as good of a time as we did!!!

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Spring Break Event

Come into the Library from 2pm – 6pm for a Break it and Remake it Event. We will be tearing apart old computers, learning what the parts are and what they do, see if they still work and ways to reuse them. Matt Asebedo (Librarian’s Husband!!) will be here to teach us. He is a computer technician for the Kansas Army National Guard for over 10 years. He will also teach the kids basic maintenance for a computer.

We will have different level’s for all the kids, so No Age is excluded…..this includes adults!!!


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