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Frequently Asked Questions

The Kansas Library eCard provides access to digital library services available to all Kansas residents regardless of location. Included in the services offered are Universal Classes. Universal Class offers over 500 online courses in more than 30 areas of study. Since Universal Class offers everything from Microsoft Excel to parenting skills, you’ll be sure to find something of interest to learn. These are actual online courses with an instructor, assignments, and lecture materials. Lecture materials can be both text and video. At the end of the course, students with a passing grade will be issued a certificate. Video audit is available on many courses so you can view materials without taking the full class (no certificate for this option).

When does my card expire & how do I renew it?
eCards expire every 3 years. If yours has not yet expired, you will be able to login above and view the expiration date. eCards can be renewed at any Kansas library.


Books and CD checkout

2 week checkout for books. 1 week for DVDs.

Inter Library Loan

If we don't have a book you want, we can get it from another library!


Making letters and more on the Cricut Machine.


Computer access for all.


We can assist in shredding papers.

Rotating Books

New books are rotated every other month.


24/7 WIFI available.

Copies and Print

We can make copies and print documents.

Kansas Library Card

Free online resources. Come see what they are!


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