Happy New Year

Happy New Year, we are glad that 2020 is over and hoping this year will be great. We are still wearing mask and limiting time on the computers. Hopefully soon we will be open back up normally.

We are still planning on doing something for Summer Reading, and we hope that you come in and see us here in the library.

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Temporarily Closed

The library will be open on December 9, 2020. Stay Home Stay Safe

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Covid-19 Resources and Mask Use

The Centers for Disease Control has resources for all your Covid-19 questions. Get the facts about Coronavirus and take steps to care for yourself and help protect others in your home and community. Also see the Kansas Department of Health and Environment site for these topics and much more.

CDC Resource
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Week One of Summer Reading

We had a wonderful scavenger hunt this past week. If you missed it I am sorry. The scavenger hunter started here at the library, the clue here lead you to the shelter house at the park where you would find a picnic basket. From there, clue 2 would take you to the Christian Church where you would find a map. Clue 3 would lead you to the bridge on North Street to the Mermaid’s Tail, Clue 4 would take you to Sir Asebedo’s house where you would find dragon eggs!! Clue 5 lead you to the Methodist Church to pick up a paper crown. There you would find a clue that would lead you to one for the Carl’s horses. After that you would be going to the Falter’s house on Lydon St where you would find the enchanted rose. From there you would arrive at the Common Grounds Coffee Shop to find Cinderella’s Mop & Bucket. Then off to the south east to Buchman’s beautiful yard to find Jake’s Bean Stalk, and last but not least the clue that would lead you to the drop box of the library!!! Was a super cute hunt, and all that participated enjoyed it.

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Alternative Summer Reading Program Plans

Due to the current constraints we are under, we have put together a program that can be done outside and in your home. What does this mean, this means that our summer program will be encouraging families to spend more time together and of course encourage reading.

Our program will be kicking off on June 10th with a Savager Hunt through out Wilsey, and we will be ending the week of July 8th with a Family Tree Workbook. The library will provide the supplies for the activities, and they can either be picked up at the library or dropped off by your homes.

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Just another Manic Wednesday

The kids are now officially on Summer break from school, after completing their digital schooling. Huge shout out to our USD 417 Teacher’s and Staff for all of the hard work you guys put in to getting it together. Today was also the last day for the school lunch delivery here at the park. Thank you to the ladies who packed and delivered all of the lunches.

Our little town of Wilsey, due to the current health crisis has decided to cancel our towns 3rd of July celebration. The City of Council Grove voted to not open the Pool this summer. There is a lot of things that are up in the air currently, but the library is still planning a Summer Reading Program, and while it will be different since we can not all gather in the library, I have hopes that it will still be fun and educational. Keep watch on here and on our Facebook page for more information.

And don’t forget about the Monday night and Thursday night food deliveries here in Wilsey. Monday’s Saddle Rock is delivering dinner, order’s need to be placed by 3pm, and you pick up in front of the library. Thursday’s is Pizza Hut delivery, order’s need to be placed by 5pm, with pick up again in front of the library.

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Library Re-Opening

                As you may have heard, Libraries are allowed to re-open in Phase 1 of Governor Kelly’s Plan to Reopen the State. This is very exciting news for us, since the library has been closed since the middle of March. We will have guidelines that we will need to follow, as well as our Patrons, to keep all of us safe and healthy. Below are our current Guidelines we will be following for this reopening process. Please know that this process may change as we go along, please be patient with us.

  1. The Library will be open limited hours. Wednesday’s and Saturday’s will be from 9:00am to 1:30pm. These times changes are only temporary and we will go back to normal hours eventually.
  2. We will be limited to 4 people in the library at a time. There will be hangers on the door, grab a number and if you arrive while the library is full, please be patient and wait 6 foot from the door.
  3. Curb side pickup and home deliveries will be available. You can view our online catalog at www.wilseyelmcreek.libib.com. You can call your order in, send us an email at books@tctelco.net or even send us a facebook message. If you would like curb side, let us know what time you will be there to pick up your books.
  4. Our computers will be available by appointment only for this first phase, with time on them limited. For the time being, computers cannot be used for online gaming. WiFi will be available as always and can be accessed from outside the building.
  5. Offices supplies, headphones for the computers, arts and crafts supplies, and toys will not be available for use.  Printers will be available.
  6. Until further notice, we will not have a public restroom. Hand sanitizer will be available at the librarian’s desk.

Things we will be doing for your safety include: wiping down of computer desk, keyboards, mice, and chairs in the computer area. Putting returned items on a 72 hour hold, sealing them in a plastic bag so gems can be eliminated. Librarian will wear a mask while working. Library will be disinfected once before the library opens, and will be cleaned again when closed.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to get a hold of our Library Director Samantha Asebedo.  We hope to see you soon in the library.


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Library News

Hello all, I know it has been a little while since I have posted on the Website, been busy trying to get a few projects done before the end of the year.

The new organization is now almost complete on our Non-Fiction Section. All new labels are on, and the non-fiction section is looking really nice.

Our Facebook Lego challenges are going well. This is something new we just started in September. Check out our Facebook page to see all the cute creation the kids (and some adults) are making.

We had the Halloweenie Roast again this year, and thanks to the cold weather, we moved it into the library. Enjoyed seeing the kids in the costumes, and their parents too.

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Lego Building Challenge

We are starting some new here at the library. This is a new fun challenge that kids, teens, or even adults can get involved in. Hoping to see good things from this. Join us on Facebook and have some fun.

Kids of all ages, our September Lego Challenge is for you to build an Airplane. **No Age Restrictions**
Here’s how this will go: Kids can build their challenge pieces at home or if you don’t have Lego’s at home can come here to the library and use ours. Have a Parent/Guardian/ or the Librarian take a picture of their creation. Send the picture of their build to the Library through Facebook Messenger with Child’s Name & Age.
On the 1st Wednesday of the month the Librarian will post an Album with all of the photo entries received. And the community will vote by giving their favorite builds likes. Winners will be announced on the 1st Saturday of the month along with the next Challenge Build.
Winner’s will be able to come into the library to pick up their prize.

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Fun Website

While doing my research for our summer reading program, I stumbled upon an amazing website. This site has is just wonderful. I ended up spending hours on it, and now my kids are on it almost once a week. You can see where the planets in our solar system are, satellites, and even comets are in real time. Along with educational information on all of the 8 planets, 5 dwarf planets, asteroids, metros and comets. Check it out in the link below.


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