5 Young Men

Photo’s are able to take us back in time. Let us go back to this photo I found here in the library of 5 young men. The Young Men in this photo are: Mark Coffin, Charlie Horton, George S. Riegel, John Vining (not sure the spelling is correct), and Robert E. Meyers. Handsome group of young men.

This photo was taken here in Wilsey by Peddycord. This Photo was taken in………… 1892.

Train In Wilsey

When you come through Wilsey now, as a young person (below the age of 45) and you look around it looks lonely and lost. At one time thanks to the railroad Wilsey was busy little town. There were doctors, a dentist, Bank, gas station, a theater, and even a grocery store. All of that is gone now. The school closed down in 2002. Those of us still here in Wilsey have chosen it for different reasons. My family and I love this little town.

So Saturday I did not get the photo posted on here, but I did on Facebook. This photo is of the Train and the Train Station that use to be here in Wilsey. I do not know the year of the photo.