It is a New Year

2017 is underway and we are busy here in the Library. On Wednesday’s at 10:00am we have Story Time for our 0 to Pre-Schoolers. So far our numbers have been small, but it is early and I have hope for it to continue!!

We have also added 20 NEW LARGE PRINT BOOKS, and 25 NEW JUVENILE/YOUNG ADULT BOOKS. The goal this year is to focus on ordering more Large Print Books, and Young Adult Books.

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New Policies that will go into effect as of January 2017

The Elm Creek Township Library Board has approved 2 improved Policies. They are posted at the Library and below. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to get a hold of us at the Library during business hours.

Effective as of January 1, 2017

Late, Damaged and Lost Book Policy

  • Our Library does not charge a monthly late fee for books, we just want books to be returned.
  • However after 6 month of a book not being returned it is marked as LOST. A reminder letter or e-mail will be sent out. The Patron will not be able to check out any other books, and computer time will be limited to 30 minutes until books are returned.
  • Lost books that are not returned after 1 year from checked out will be charged to the patron for the cost of replacing the book, plus a $5.00 processing fee,
  • Books that are damaged beyond repair, the patron will be responsible for the replacement cost plus a $5.00 processing fee.




Effective as of January 1, 2017

Check out Policy

  • Book Mobile and New Books: Have a check out period of 2 Weeks, and can be renewed once
  • Other Books: Have a check out period of 4 Weeks and can be renewed twice.
  • Inter Library Loans (ILL): Have a check out period of 30 days, renewals are up to the library in which it was loaned from.
  • Wilsey History Items: Are for In Library Use only or at Librarians discursion.
  • Cake Pans and other items: Have a check out period of 2 Weeks.
  • Each Patron can have no more than 3 books out at a time.
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Working Hard, or Hardly Working!!!

This Librarian has been a very busy beaver these last few weeks. I am now over 4,500 books into the computer system. Currently I am working in the Youth Section getting the books into the computer along with putting Genre Stickers on the books, and putting the Accelerated Reading Numbers (the AR Number is the Level of Book) in all of the books. I am also organizing the Youth Section by Genre’s as well. I am close to half way done. I have also ordered another 54 Books for the Youth Section that should be here next month!!!

So other projects I have been working on have been the book ends I am making from bricks, doing my Director’s classes, and changing out the bulletin boards.  I am also working on planning several events for here at the library in the next couple of weeks.

On a note we will be open normal hours next week. Hope you and your families have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!!



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We have New Books, and I do not lie!!!

We have received our order from the Junior Library Guild. 61 new children’s and youth books both Fiction and Non-Fiction. And soon we will be getting in more books from them as well as part of a grant we receive from the Libri Foundation. All books are ready to be checked out!!!

Youth Non-Fiction Books1012161124






1012161306Children’s Non-Fiction Books





1012161132 Children’s Fiction Picture Books






Youth Fiction Books





Youth Graphic Novel’s

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Our New Furniture has Arrived

Our new furniture has arrived. The library is in full swing, if you haven’t stopped by lately then you have been missing out!!! We got our screen and projector, and are planning on doing movie nights soon. Keep watch for dates.

0818161322  0818161904a0818161905_HDR0818161904

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Stuff is changing in the Library!!!

We received a grant to get some new furniture from NCKLS. Soon we will have 2 new chairs in the adult section, a bench back in the youth/young adult section. And today we received our bean bag chairs for the children’s section. We have also purchased a projector and screen and are planning on having movie nights.


If you haven’t been in the library for a while, a lot has changed. Currently I am working on making a digital catalog of our books, and some painting will be happening in the children’s section soon. Also planning a craft day to get some help, I am re-purposing bricks to use them as book ends. Currently I have 2 done and have over 130 plus more to go.

As of August 1st, I have been the library director for a year and I am very proud of the work that I have been able to get done to better serve our community.

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More New Books Just In

We have new Large Print Books just in to be checked out.

0804161858 14989-MMS-1470354502000-attachment1-0804161847

We also have just arrived the newest in the Harry Potter Series. Their will be a waiting list available to put your name on if the book is checked out when you come in.


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New Books have Arrived

New Books are just in. Come in and check them out.


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Our Summer Reading Program is now over

Our Summer Reading Program has come to an end for this year. We had a wonderful turn out with an average of 12 kids at each event. Over the summer the kids learned the importance of staying active, ways to stay active, several different Olympic Sports, and how much sugar is in the foods we consume. We did actives with Hula Hoops, Jump Ropes, Sugar Cubes (they are 4grams of sugar), did some Ninja Training, and had us a lazy day.

I hope that the kids had as much fun as I did this summer and learned some things too. Can’t wait till next year.


  • The Current World Record for the most Hula Hoops twirled at one time is 105 Hoops
  • Hula Hooping works 30 Core Muscles.


  • In 1822: American’s consumed 45 grams (11.25 sugar cubes) of sugar every 5 days. This is the same as a can of Coke.

In 2012: American’s consumed 756 grams (189 sugar cubes) of sugar every 5 days. And they makes about 130 POUND a year.


  • Jump Roping for 15 minutes can burn 200 calories
  • 10 minutes of jumping rope is equal to 30 minutes of Running at 5.7mph


  • Ninja’s were spy’s or assassins that were believe to have lived in Japan in the 14th Century.
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Help us find our Ball- Week 6

Our ball is in it’s newest location. Remember when you find it you can come in and get a treat at the Library.


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