Read-A-Thon Fundraiser

The Library Kids are doing a fundraiser to by some chairs for the Library. We are doing a READ-A-THON during the month of July to raise the money.

The kids and I are going to read 100 Hours and we hope to raise $300.00. Kids will be going around the next 2 weeks to get sponsor’s.
Here are some samples of the kinds of chairs we are hoping to get. We will also be looking for some chairs for our Adult Section too.
If you would like to help, but don’t live in Wilsey you are welcome to mail it to us at 213 N. 5th St Wilsey, Ks 66873

Kids Section Youth Section

Have you seen our ball — Week 4

Our Summer Reading Program has been going great. We have had an average of around 13 kids every Wednesday. Yesterday we learned about how much sugar is in our food. Pictures of the event coming soon.

And Our Ball has now been put into it’s spot for this week. Last week I only had a handful of kids/people find it!!! Remember that it will be in this location till next Wednesday night. Good luck.


Hula Hoop’in day at the Library

Our Summer Reading program is in full swing. This past Wednesday was our 2nd Summer Reading Event and we learned about the benefits of Hula Hooping. One minute of Hula Hooping burns 7 Calories and it helps work your core muscles. We also did an activity as a group where you send a hula hoop around a circle with out breaking hands. And the kids even did it with 2 hoops!!!

We had a few kids that tried to hoop 5 Hula Hoops at once. The world record is 105 hula hoops at the same time. They did pretty good. This next week we will be talking about bicycles.

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The Library’s ball has been hidden in it’s first place. It can be seen from the street. Once you have found it come into the library on either Wednesday or Saturday and get a treat or prize. Good luck!!!

Have you seen our Library Ball???

Have you seen our ball???

All summer, look around Wilsey and see if you can find the Library’s ball hiding around town. You can find hints our Libraries Facebook Page and Website. Let’s have a ball!!!


Rules for where is the Libraries Ball

1.Please do not move the ball once you have found it.

2.Do not pick up, kick or bounce the ball

3.Come into the Library on either Wednesday or Saturday’s and whisper to the Librarian the location of the ball and you will get a treat

4.The ball will be in Wilsey City Limits

5.If you see someone playing with the ball please ask them to not and let them know what it is for

6.Have fun, it is not a competition

Dear Crafter’s

Hello to all of my Crafter’s and Pintrest junkies. If you have been looking for old books to do crafts with then come in and see me. I’ve been working on doing some weeding and have come across several books that are ready to be upcycled. Currently I have a few saved back for things I would like to due here at the library, but we have several. Also I have the Re-purposing kit from NCKLS if you are wanting to do a craft but need ideas.

Wish me luck, I am trying to make some roses out of old book pages.