Staff Members

                                     Your Library Director/Librarian: Samantha Asebedo

   I have been your Library Director since August 1, 2015.  When you walk into the library you will always be surprised by what changes I have made or in the middle of. In 2017 I completed the APPLE ( Applied Public Library Education) class thru the State of Kansas. Current projects include: Finishing scanning books into the computer for our Electronic Catalog.


Librarian Back Up Librarian: Marc Evans

Marc has been a faithful patron and back up Librarian for years. He is also a retired Librarian. You can find him filling in at the Library on Saturday’s when the Librarian is gone or on Wednesday if the Librarian or her kids are sick. Our Library is a better place because of him.


   Library Volunteer: Elizabeth Armstrong

Elizabeth is the Libraian’s Best Friend, but also Volunteer’s at the Library during Summer Reading Program, Our Holiday Events, and Movies Days. She is always energetic and willing to help decorate the library for Holiday’s.