Week One of Summer Reading

We had a wonderful scavenger hunt this past week. If you missed it I am sorry. The scavenger hunter started here at the library, the clue here lead you to the shelter house at the park where you would find a picnic basket. From there, clue 2 would take you to the Christian Church where you would find a map. Clue 3 would lead you to the bridge on North Street to the Mermaid’s Tail, Clue 4 would take you to Sir Asebedo’s house where you would find dragon eggs!! Clue 5 lead you to the Methodist Church to pick up a paper crown. There you would find a clue that would lead you to one for the Carl’s horses. After that you would be going to the Falter’s house on Lydon St where you would find the enchanted rose. From there you would arrive at the Common Grounds Coffee Shop to find Cinderella’s Mop & Bucket. Then off to the south east to Buchman’s beautiful yard to find Jake’s Bean Stalk, and last but not least the clue that would lead you to the drop box of the library!!! Was a super cute hunt, and all that participated enjoyed it.

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