March is Here!!!!

March is here, which mean’s I will be posting some new stuff this month!!! This month is going to be Irish Traditions. Why you ask, well March is the month of the Irish!!! Saturday if you are on our Facebook page I got wrapped up in doing my newest bulletin board and didn’t get anything posted. I know bad me right! But yesterday found a video showing Irish River Dancing. If you have never seen any River Dancing, it is mesmerizing. But that was yesterday, and today is Wednesday.

So for today’s Irish Tradition, I thought it would be more of an informative day!! So I looked up the Top 5 Author’s from Ireland according to And here we go!!!
#5: Oscar Wilde: Wrote The Importance of being Earnest
#4: Jonathan Swift: Wrote Gulliver’s Travel’s
#3: Thomas Kinsella: Wrote the Oxford Book for Irish Verses
#2: James Joyce: Wrote Ulysses
And the #1 according to is………
Ben Stoker, He wrote Dracula. Not for sure if I can watch the movie now anymore. I will want Dracula with an Irish accent!!!

How many of these have you read??

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