Busy, Busy Day

I have a lot of information to get out here. First off from now until August 9th we will not have story time at 10am. This is so the kids can come in at 3pm for the Summer Reading Program.

Starting June 7th, next Wednesday our Summer Reading Program will be going on until July 26th from 3pm-5pm. We are going to be working on a lot of upcycling projects and other things to help our community. Children ages 1yrs-16yrs old are welcome to attend. To participate in the Summer Reading Program I will need a registration form so that I have all of your child’s information and know that you as the parent have given your permission for them to attend.

Monday we got a large donation of books and the first of 30 of these are ready to be checked out.

We hope you are having a wonderful start to your summer and hope to see you soon.

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