New Policies that will go into effect as of January 2017

The Elm Creek Township Library Board has approved 2 improved Policies. They are posted at the Library and below. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to get a hold of us at the Library during business hours.

Effective as of January 1, 2017

Late, Damaged and Lost Book Policy

  • Our Library does not charge a monthly late fee for books, we just want books to be returned.
  • However after 6 month of a book not being returned it is marked as LOST. A reminder letter or e-mail will be sent out. The Patron will not be able to check out any other books, and computer time will be limited to 30 minutes until books are returned.
  • Lost books that are not returned after 1 year from checked out will be charged to the patron for the cost of replacing the book, plus a $5.00 processing fee,
  • Books that are damaged beyond repair, the patron will be responsible for the replacement cost plus a $5.00 processing fee.




Effective as of January 1, 2017

Check out Policy

  • Book Mobile and New Books: Have a check out period of 2 Weeks, and can be renewed once
  • Other Books: Have a check out period of 4 Weeks and can be renewed twice.
  • Inter Library Loans (ILL): Have a check out period of 30 days, renewals are up to the library in which it was loaned from.
  • Wilsey History Items: Are for In Library Use only or at Librarians discursion.
  • Cake Pans and other items: Have a check out period of 2 Weeks.
  • Each Patron can have no more than 3 books out at a time.

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