Working Hard, or Hardly Working!!!

This Librarian has been a very busy beaver these last few weeks. I am now over 4,500 books into the computer system. Currently I am working in the Youth Section getting the books into the computer along with putting Genre Stickers on the books, and putting the Accelerated Reading Numbers (the AR Number is the Level of Book) in all of the books. I am also organizing the Youth Section by Genre’s as well. I am close to half way done. I have also ordered another 54 Books for the Youth Section that should be here next month!!!

So other projects I have been working on have been the book ends I am making from bricks, doing my Director’s classes, and changing out the bulletin boards.  I am also working on planning several events for here at the library in the next couple of weeks.

On a note we will be open normal hours next week. Hope you and your families have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!!



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