Our Summer Reading Program is now over

Our Summer Reading Program has come to an end for this year. We had a wonderful turn out with an average of 12 kids at each event. Over the summer the kids learned the importance of staying active, ways to stay active, several different Olympic Sports, and how much sugar is in the foods we consume. We did actives with Hula Hoops, Jump Ropes, Sugar Cubes (they are 4grams of sugar), did some Ninja Training, and had us a lazy day.

I hope that the kids had as much fun as I did this summer and learned some things too. Can’t wait till next year.


  • The Current World Record for the most Hula Hoops twirled at one time is 105 Hoops
  • Hula Hooping works 30 Core Muscles.


  • In 1822: American’s consumed 45 grams (11.25 sugar cubes) of sugar every 5 days. This is the same as a can of Coke.

In 2012: American’s consumed 756 grams (189 sugar cubes) of sugar every 5 days. And they makes about 130 POUND a year.


  • Jump Roping for 15 minutes can burn 200 calories
  • 10 minutes of jumping rope is equal to 30 minutes of Running at 5.7mph


  • Ninja’s were spy’s or assassins that were believe to have lived in Japan in the 14th Century.

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